Trading problem

I’m having trouble with trading. I play on xbox 360 and the problem is that when ever the other players and I press the green trade button on the trade menu, the game sequence would happen but nothing gets traded resulting in us keeping the items that we wanted to give away.

Just drop it and have them pick it up? I know it doesn’t solve your specific issue but it solves it a different way.

I’ll start doing that from now on. Thanks for replying.

Had you successfully traded before this, or are you just getting into trading? It’s easy to accidentally cancel out of trading by hitting the controller button too many times. If it’s working, you should see a green “Trade” on both sides and a count-down timer; you can cancel the trade either before or during the timer.

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Be wary of dropping items to the ground- depending on where you are it might go thru the ground and disappear forever…

I have been able to trade before, but now wonder, would the amount of space in my backpack affect trading?

Yes. If it’s overloaded, you can’t receive trade items.

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and if I remember right , the trade menu will at least tell the one giving the item , that the other players backpack is full.
In fact would theorize that it would not let a trade happen, and that the buttons may be there for trade, but would not be active, the only button I believe that would be active would be the “Duel” button.
Which leads me to another question, If you Duel for Gear and your backpack is full, Do you get that Gear if you win? I would think yes, but just not sure