Trading: Rad Redistributor with 49 round mag SNTNL

49 round mag redistributor with sntnl damage bonus up for trade

I haven’t seen one of these on Xbox yet. Good to know it actually exists. And gratz on the gun (or whomever you trade it to), so here’s a free bump!

Thanks bro! Yea it’s. Hard item to come by. Luck was on our side

What are you wanting in return?

Seeking out other seeing dead mods, cosmic stalker mods and red fangs mods. I actually now have the whole set of redis for sntnl with 49 rounds

I don’t have any of those mods

You need to come to Xbox so that I can get an incendiary Redis with the SNTNL anoint and that awesome mag cap! Been looking for one with a higher mag count for a while now, and of course, MT can be stingy when it comes to (good) loot. Sounds like you’ve been busy, and lucky!

I have some seein dead mods that you might like to checkout whats your psn?.I may also have some of the other mods also.

Ok sounds good man. My psn is franziraaa