Trading random stuff, looking for Fl4k stuff

I’m looking for 53 Fl4k stuff, ASE 100 or element or rakk attack:

Queens/Kings Call (rad)
Wedding Invitation
Rowans Call
Night Hawkin (burst fire 1st firing mode)

This is the random stuff I have right now:


I have some of the things your looking for. Could I get the big boom blaster with sntl anoint and the consecutive hits lob

Sure, what do you have ?

I’ve got Maggie with 100 ase, rad kings or queens (can’t remember ) with 100 ase wedding invitation with 100 ase and I think rakk attack, brainstormer with 100 ase and rakk I believe

I’ll take ase Maggie and rakk attack wedding invitation. My GT is truthwhenilie. Sending your stuff in about 20 mins

I will have to check on the wedding invitation but I know that I have 100 for sure. I won’t b able to send till the morning though. My gt is Ye olde wolf

Sent your stuff!

Thank You, I will send your gear as soon as im able

Did you check for those guns yet??

I can send you a wedding invitation 100% Rakk attack. GT = Tom dot66
The cryo trevanator would be nice. What is your GT? Thanks

Awesome, GT is truthwhenilie

I’ll send the trevanator in a minute

Edit: sent