Trading rares, anything you could wish for. LVLS op8/52

If looking to trade anything, shoot me a message on xbox1. I have 99% of what you will be asking for willing to trade anything.

GT:BFS W3arekiingz

If you have a mic mention that in message so i know i can actually talk to you easier to get you trades.

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are you level 72

i just got to level 72 so I’m legendary poor and don’t know where to start lol

yeah im lvl 72 should message me and we can join a party to talk

what is your gt

GT: BFS w3arekiingz

Heya im a 63 assasin but wont to get to 72 can u help thanks

i can help, im gonna grab food and ill be on in a little

Ok thank you…gamertag Darthdestroyer82

shoot me a message on xbox

Ill b on at 6 bud

okay no worries

Added u

Im at level 46, got any legendaries for level 50.
And if not can you help me get to level 52 atleast?
GT: ThePanCakePig

do you have a mic?

Could i get some lvl 72 legendaries? Also if you have a lvl 72 sham or bee that’d be great

Yeah sure when Xbox servers come back on

im on if anyone is looking for some weps and stuff, i only currently have lvl 52 and op8 stuff

Id be interested to see what you have for op8

Shoot me a message gt is Colzk95