Trading Redistributor

I have a cryo redistributor I’m willing to trade that has 75% increased status effect chance & damage on ase.

I’m looking for either a Shock, Fire or radiation Redistributor in exchange. GT is Senile

What anoints are you looking for. My gt is Ye olde wolf. I can send you one in the morning.

anything that increases weapon damage, elemental damage or crit damage would be appreciated. I’m mainly looking to use them on zane

Are you still looking?

yes I am

What’s your GT ? I have a couple you can have…oh I see your tag on the op. You on right now?

I’ll be able to get on around 4 pm est this friday. Sorry I was replying at work

No worries, I can just mail them to you…what elements are your still looking for?

Fire and shock now

I have those, I’ll just add you and mail them…if you come across any shredifiers you don’t want …I’m looking for those and any cutsman with sntnl anoint…

I’ll check my characters and send you any I find