Trading round 3: Looking for some lvl 72 items


I am currently lookin for the following level 72 items:

  • A Gunerang (Fire)
  • A baby maker (Fire)
  • A tediore allegiance relic (purple with the around 30% damage bonus and ammo bonus)
  • Fastball granades (all elements, no explosive)
  • A seraph hoplite shield
  • A seraph avenger (fire would be best)
  • A seraph Lead Storm (fire)

I can offer you:

  • Sandhawks in all elements
  • Slagga
  • Conference Call, fire and nonelemental social cc
  • Flakker
  • the Varuc, non elemental and corrosive
  • The Bee Shield, Impaler Shield
  • The Gunerang with shock damage
  • The legendary killer class mode
  • The legendary Soldier class mode
  • The Volcano (gentelmans with 120%crit damage)
  • Leech granades (shock and fire)
  • NEW: many legendaries for example: corrosive and shock pitchfork, logans gun, unkempt harold, thunderball fist, maggie… Ask
  • NEW: Seraph weapons: slag interfacer, shock Omen, Devastator, corrosive Retcher
  • The Orc (shock)

I have added some new items I could offer…

@luizao i have 2 of the items you looking for, norfleet and sham both level 72

Nice! I will send you a friend request. Do yo already know what you want for the 2 items?

nah i’m good thanks anyway. PSN: AngelofLove57

Search list has been updated. Thank you again @flameofphoenix ! :smile: If you see me online some other day we can also do some co-op if you want … or if you need help with a boss for example just send an invitation :wink:

I’ve got a couple things you’re looking for! Psn Conquest_war

I certainly have a gunerang and a baby maker. The tediore allegiance relic I have perfect at op8, but I dont think I have at 72.

In return for those two items I’d be happy with lvl 72 Orc and Impaler. psn is danNYSamber

Thank you @DanNYSamber and @themickhulk. Friend requests will be sent as soon as i am at home and online in my ps4 again. Probably tomorrow

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Do you or does anybody happen to have a shredifier lvl 72-OP3 (fire element) willing to trade items add me at Thy_Burdman

Also if anyone has sandhawks fire/electric

My apologies for being unable to find that item for you. I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

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Are you still interested? I have a non-elem Gunerang (OP1)
I’d love to get a level 72 OP1 or OP2 Sandhawk (preferably shock).
PSN: bighunt15

@jburden no shredifier sorry! @nissanrules15 Thanks man but already found the non-elemental one. Maybe you have some other item? I have updated my list

@luizao could you help me out with the sandhawks please? would be wilfling to give you some weapons in exchange

Ok yes i have both fire and shock lvl 72. Will add you @jburden


If your still looking I’ve got a lvl 72 Hoplite that I would trade for the Legendary Soldier CM.
I’m looking for better stats than cooldown rate 44%, gun damage 36% and fire rate 21%.


i have so much to give you but in return i want you to get my new character to level 72

I can power level you. I don’t need sny weapons or anything.

omg yes please i will be thankful forever, whats your psn?