Trading session on Xbox 360

I have most of the guns in the game so just comment if you need anything but certain items and loot won’t have a price

Level of guns:op8

Gamer tag:Rg x Flash

You seem to have posted this in the Tech Support section I’ll flag you so a mod gets it moved to the appropriate section

Oh thanks I didn’t realize I posted it there

I would like some level 72 gear if you have any.

Ahh I’m looking for an infinity lvl 50-61, I’m on Xbox 360 :3 and I might something you want idk, but I really want an infinity

I need a op 8 shock interfacer gamer tag is Bibbabyboy I be on tomorrow at 5pm eastern standard time

Do you have a Deep A Ahab? (farming Gee is a pain in the ass)

In case you are looking for something in particular, I have a lot of legendaries and pearlescents for trade (almost all of them, not in every variant of course, that would take a life time haha xD),

I’ll add you.