Trading some OP8 guns for allegiance relics

Hi, I’m trading some guns for some relics I’ve been looking for.

Trading these OP8’s…

  • Banbury Storm
  • fire Nasty Bearcat
  • fire Deep Veruc
  • fire Swift Shredifier
  • corrosive Swift Shredifier
  • corrosive Ferocious Shredifier
  • corrosive Puisant Norfleet
  • fire Big Badaboom
  • xplosive Roket Pawket Badaboom
  • fire Victorious Topnea
  • Inflammable the Bee (caution…not a gun!)

Looking for…

  • Torque with fire rate & mag size
  • Maliwan with damage & fire rate
  • Vladorf with damage & accuracy recovery

I dont’t care what level the relics are but I’m looking for high / max stats
of each version please!

Thanks all.

Will have a look for you, Dogstar.

Meanwhile, got spare White or Mercenary Day skins - any char?


Hey Zerkus, thanks for having a look for me.

Don’t have any skins or heads as I’ve never bothered keeping them but
if you let me know what your looking for and I’ll keep a lookout for them?

Tx! Any of the White skins or any of the Mercenary Day, as stated.

I have the Axton head & skin but they are in my quick change station, is there a way for me to
give them away to you?

I shall be PSN’ing you as soon as I’ve finished my tea … :tea:

Thanks for the relics Zerkus!