Trading some OP8's for other OP8's

Hey, looking for a couple of guns and have stuff to trade.


  • shock Practicable Interfacer
  • corrosive Puisant Norfleet
  • Klook Skullmasher
  • Victorious Topnea


  • shock Practicable Conference Call
  • corrosive Swift Shredifier - with Dahl stock if possible!

Thanks all!

I´ll check. I know I don´t have the CC but not sure about the Shredifier. I know nothing about parts so if I got one I´ll have no idea if it´s Dahl stock or not. Get back to you.

Sry, the only corr shredifier I have is an expansive.

Thanks for the reply, if it’s OK can I have the expansive one anyway? Only used the Swift so I may be missing something by not trying other versions!

Have whatever you want in return from my stuff!


I’ve got you on the CC if you want it. Psn: shakejunt922

Will do.

Anyone who has questions about the different Gun Prefixes (example: Swift vs. Expansive) or how parts affect a weapon’s performance can check the Gun Prefixes and Gun Parts links in my ‘signature’ below.

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