Trading spare gear

I got some spare legendary and pearlescent gear I don’t need any more. If you want any.

Slayer of terramorphous class mod (gunzerker) op 8
Legendary soldier class mod (x2) op 8
Legendary hunter class mod op 8
Legendary Titan class mod op 6
WTF shield op 8
Akurate sawbar op 8
Ferocious shredifier (slag and corrosive) op 8
Patriot’s stalker (shock) op 8
Vengeful stalker (corrosive) op 8
Bowie Maggie op 8
Rapider gub op 8
Expeditious thunder all fists op 8
Perma-sharp gunerang (non-element) op 8
Crammed unkept Harold op 6
Parataxis pyrophobia op 8
Potential butcher (non-elemental) op 8
Sidewinder striker op 8
Quality avenger (fire) op 8
Hefty avenger (non-element) op 6
Dandy storm op 8
Nasty surprise (shock) op 8

do u happen to know what parts are on your corrosive shredifier? I’m looking for elemental ferocious shreidfiers with dahl stock and vladof grip

The stock is vladof and the grip is Jakob .I had to look this up because I can’t tell which is which.

ok thanks