Trading stuff for stuff

I’m looking for some stuff for my new mechromancer build to make it successful.
The items I’m looking for are below i would like most of the to be level 72 to Op 8

A Slagga,
A Floretine
The black hole
A Chain lightning
A Quasar
An evil catalyst class mod or legendary catalyst
Bone of the ancients for shock
The kitten (shock)
The bitch ( shock)
The sandhawk (shock)
The pimpernel (shock)
The orc (shock)
Thunderball fists
The crit (shock)
The transformer
The flame of the firehawk and
The crossfire

And that’s it so if you could add me on xbox 360 if you have any of these items we could sort out a trade of some sort so add me: King Dumpling.

sent u a friend request theres a couple things on ur list I can help with

Do you still need any of the items on the list, I can get a few for you.