TRADING VINDICATOR GHAST CALL I'm LF any artifacts that have lifesteal on melee if it has health regen too then I'll throw in a top tier gun of your choice just say what you want!

Willing to trade anything thanx! My friends and I have a very large selection of hard to get guns! For example I have a corrosive Redline that is sure to melt any robots in the Malian takedown. Lots of corrosive guns!


As in life steal on melee?

Yes sorry I’ll change the post

I’ve got a couple, just double checking. I can give you the stats on em in the morning.

I would trade the one I have, but it’s the only one I got. It’s a melee lifesteal yes, but also has luck increased by +12 and something else. A purple one. Haven’t found something to replace it with

Looking for annointed star helixes and a cryo mngwa, if you happen to have any

Sounds good thanx a lot! I have a few too I can share my build with you I’m already pretty much invincible just looking for different artifacts to switch the build if I need to. White elephant with lifesteal in particular this is a terror build you can use for any character!

I’ll check and ask my friends too max!

G1R I have better legendarys that I will give you lol add me psn jiavip

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Not interested in the Vindicator or anything terror related.

I probably have 5-6 Knife Drain Artifacts I can look at tomorrow. A few Victory Rush and maybe a few White
Elephants and maybe a Deathless. I’ll have to look and see what’s on them.

I’m mostly interested in items I don’t already have for 250% Phasecast, STNTL Bonus Cryo, and Fade away increased accuracy and handling. Mainly Jacobs, Hyperion, and Vladof weapons.

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Jorgeammo thank you for responding! I have most of those but I can definitely use the white elephant I know for sure my friend has guns you’re looking for he loves phasecast and Jacobs weapons I haven’t worked on my siren yet do to lack of bank space so I sent ALL my siren anointed weapons his way add me we’ll hook you up buddy my psn jiavip

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Meshuggala add me we’ll work something out buddy

I have relics with the following legendary stats (I dont recall minor ones off top of my head)

75% life steal 69% element damage on melee alternating every 5 seconds

75% life steal chance to apply sticky grenade (grenades works with facepuncher)

Looking for the following shields:
Rough rider - anointed for bullet Regen on terror
Red suit - anointed for bullet Regen on terror

Storm front (mirv/cloning/vindicator) whatever the dividing one is ANOINTED with ase generates terror.

Elemental dictators anointed for damage on ase, in siren damage increase.
Radiation dictator anoited for gamma burst

Siren phazezerker class mods with mag size and gun damage.

If you have any of those please message me on psn: iron_jango

Here is my “good trade” items I believe one of those relics is in there if you would like to see minor stats.