Traditional Moba Map

I really wish this game had a traditional 5v5 moba map complete with interval spawning creeps, jungle camps, barracks, and a throne to kill as the main objective.

Id like it to feature the three lane style with towers and no time limit. Map definitely needs to be symmetrical.

Also before anyone bashes my post…no one would force you to play it. If you enjoy the other modes then play them. If devs are open to my idea…let me have it.


I would like that as long as long as it uses heights and different things to make it different.

I’d actually like that too. Each mode is near the typical moba map feeling, but not quite there. Capture offers a real possibility of having a jungler/roamer, Meltdown more than one lane to push with minions to watch over, and Incursion the “boss/checkpoint” feeling. Capture, especially Temple, is actually the only gamemode where I often have to check my back because who knows when an assassin is going to jump you :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling they tought about it but somehow refrain themselves from putting it into the game. Maybe it wasn’t polished enough yet, or they feared the immediate comparison to Dota/lol/Smite. I can’t tell. But it MUST have crossed their minds!

I don’t know much about mobas but in one of the early videos I got the impression that the maps would be more large scale and that those sentinel spider robots at the base would walk towards each other and fight. And that there would be massive horde modes like zerg rushes or something out of Starship troopers. This capture point mode is really weak. Didn’t even know that this was a moba mode. Thought that was more of a FPS thing.

if they were to make a MOBA map traditional style they would need to extend the levels. you would hit max level way to early in it

I like that idea too, and honestly I didnt even think about that. Would fit perfectly into this game.

You might be right about that… it would have to do one of two things… the matches would have to be designed to end sooner than a traditional moba match… or after you reach max level you keep the upgrades you chose but the Helix system starts over and you can choose a second upgrade as well for each skill.

I thought about the same. Traditional MOBA map would be awesome and I really hope they will add it.
Also I really love the base building in BB, sooo put a lot of turret spots in it! :slight_smile:

I think a reason why this game is not as popular as it could be is because the main PvP mode (Incursion) is a little more complex than people would like, especially in the face of Overwatch. It’s more complex or at least less intuitive than a normal MOBA or FPS and on top of that it’s in first-person which adds another layer of complexity. Furthermore, the map layout is not drawing on common conventions in MOBAs [which IMO is good], but there’s no tutorial to help a new user out.

Ultimately, gearbox should decide which is the primary main mode and have tutorials for that. Then they should have one or two additional modes, and then have a rotating game type mode that includes the less popular modes. Other modes Gbox could try are brawl modes [no minions, no objectives except maybe buildables] or horde.

I would definitely like a 3 lane map. Woould make for interesting strategies.