Trail Fix mod for Homeworld 2 Classic


I’ve published a small mod that fixes the Homeworld 2 Classic version engine trails for fighters, missiles and well anything with engine trails :

It’s rather basic and should work with most other mods but I’ve only tested it with Complex Enhanced so far.

If you’re playing HW2 classic and its mods, you’ll probably enjoy to have the dogfights ballet fixed. Let me know if it works for you !

See you in space


@bitvenom @joekgbx @jeffybug @scole Get this thing integrated into the vanilla game!

Can we pop this into mods too? Happy to credit you :smile:

I also have a ROT file extractor/compiler that can be used to look into the mystery further

Yeah no problem taking this file to other mod !

I’ll poke Naka about getting it integrated into CE then.

@Vortik: thank you very much for providing this fix just like that. I’m applying it to Complex Enhanced now.

Very nice fix. I’m incorporating it into the next classic release of Homeworld:@, thank you very much for figuring this one out.

STC - HW2C has been updated! Thanks again :smile:

hi everybody and sorry for bumping such an old thread

is this mod/fix available outside of the steam workshop?
I’ve purchased the game through gog and I don’t own it on steam, so I’m not able to get the files

I’ve already tried using steamapi-based userscripts and websites such as (without any luck)

thank you in advance

I summon @sastrei to answer this.

yeah… and @VortiK too… :grin:

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If he doesn’t beat me to it, I’ll rehost his mod over on moddb or toss it onto a dropbox link.


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it works!

thank you sastrei

here are the installation instructions, just in case:

  1. download the archive
  2. extract the ‘TrailFix.big’ file into the ‘-Homeworld Remaster Installation Folder > Homeworld 2 Classic Game Folder- > Data’ folder
  3. edit the shortcut you use to launch the game, adding ‘-mod TrailFix.big -luatrace’

Thanks people for the 3rd party hosting, didn’t have time to take a look :slight_smile:

I’ve linked this thread to the steam workshop comments as some were asking for this.

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i am glad someone bumped this topic!

i am working on getting the pirates mod setup on hw2 c and prepping for steam workshop release. and just noticed the messed up trails today. THANKS!

Ps: @VortiK thanks for making this back when. integrating into Pir Mod now :slight_smile: