Trail of Discipline

i beat the final boss but they said i still failed the mission,can anyone tell me why?

Did the timer run out?

yes,but the timer ran out on the other trails and it didnt cause failure.

Some trials you need to do within the time limit or it’s a fail (Trial of Cunning, for instance). Not sure about all of them. Could also be a glitch? I ran through them all in easy mode, normal vault hunter, just to get the trophy done quick.

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I had the understanding that they had to be completed before the timer ran out.

I guess the trial of discipline requires some discipline. … sorry.

To walk the trail of discipline, you must have much courage, patience, and cunning. :wink:

But yeah, there is a max timer on the trials before you fail. Isn’t the timer like 30 minutes or something? Don’t you get side mission tick boxes for finishing with 25:00 and 20:00 minutes remaining?

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