[Trailer?] Grease Trap Clone Zane! - Spray your HOT SAUCE!

Hey there Boyos!

I just made a quick video for my Tier List thread showing of the “Build” I made for my Grease Trap on the clone!
Its a pretty unique Pistol in that it is the only Gun with two firing modes where they both come with great synergy for you and your clone AND the clone actually uses the right firing mode!

You splash them in the face with all of your juicy hot sauce! and then the clone lights 'em on fire for millions of damage!
HOT DAYUM! I’m on fire! bu…but LITERALLY!

This video was made just to show the interaction, so I want to post it again here for people to see, and maybe find it interesting! it can clear all content in the game, but the clone still has a hard time hitting flying or jumping enemys like Wotan when he is up in the sky or on the platforms, but other than that it can kill everything, and for trash mobs like in SS for example you dont even need to shoot yourself, the clone can handle himself.

IF this is entertaining for enough people I might make a build vIdeo around it, explaining it.


Please do!

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Oh man, I never thought of doing this because Maliwan makes the two weapons that work like this, and neither of my Operatives get to play with them. He might have to borrow Amara’s Hyper Hydrator. :grinning:

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Sadly the Hyper Hydrator doesn’t perform as the grease trap does, and thats because the modes are actually the other way around, on the hydrator your clone shoots out the “damage increase” and you yourself have to deal the damage with the shock part.
But since your clone on M10 does WAY more damage than you do, this is actually resulting in less overall damage.

The grease trap is the only gun to my knowledge where the clone uses the right firing mode on any of the dual effect guns.

EDIT: but ofcourse you can still have fun with it or change the build around to do more damage yourself to have a SHOCKING experience! :smiley:

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That’s fine - this wouldn’t be the sketchiest thing I do in the game. Me and the Clone are going to have a squirt gun fight like the galaxy has never seen.