Trailer trashing problem

Hello, I’m currently doing the trailer trashing mission for the clan wars. I opened all the gas tanks and now they won’t blow up. I saved and quit and went back and still can’t get them to blow up. I am using a fire weapon and I tried fire grenades. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. Trying to get it so I can farm maggie

Oh crap, I see you have to use the gun they provided me. Duhhh!

Any fire gun will do. Good you figured it out.

Actually that’s not right. I had a fire pistol I was using and I was sticking fire grenades to em too. Then I noticed they supplied the gun.

Anyways, long story short, I got my Maggie after the 5th run. Then got my lyuda soon after.

What was your fire pistol? It should work with any incendiary weapon.

I think it was a Malawian pistol with fire element. I also stuck a few fire grenades on the tanks too with no success. Never happened to anyone else eh? Maybe that new patch did something. IDK, water under the bridge now