Training map/Shooting range?

Will Gearbox ever consider adding this into the game?
I understand that this might actually be pretty tricky to do but there are a lot of uses for such a thing

What I’d like to see;

  • Changing characters in-game
  • Managing gear in-game (Well, at least enabling and disabling it)
  • Managing helix levels (Enabling and disabling helix picks, changing helix level)
  • Target dummy (Maybe with adjustable settings in-game, like dmg reduction, heals you, deals dmg and so on) - Not extremely necessary, but makes numbers crunching easier if you can’t find any willing guinea pigs.
  • Longer time limit

There are a lot of things to test, from how gear interacts with skills, different builds, or even just the basic damage numbers for everyone…
The “Battleborn Bible” is currently pretty outdated but making an up-to-date version is extremely tedious and time consuming using the current private match system we have.

This could also let us or the devs find out bugs with gear, helices etc that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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All that’d be cool for the sake of convenience, but one can already test characters well enough in private PVP, against CPUs; you even get experience. It takes a while, i admit, but you can just end the match, and start a new one with a different character.

Except some testing needs to be pretty exact and the private PvP we have now against bots won’t do at all for many things so you have to test against friends. Which is extremely tedious.

We were testing DR with Penk, found a glitch with a helix and had to test that too for the numbers to make sense. Tested every helix level to see what was actually causing the problem with the numbers.

Also, if we had a shooting range we wouldn’t be six months in with broken helices and gear that the devs might not even know about. Of course we can test this stuff now, but it would be a lot easier. (Though finding bugs is not the main reason I’d like this ;P)

Which reminds me, @Jythri (Sorry, I don’t remember grants tag) are you guys aware that Montanas level four helix “The Cooler” boosts his DR too?


Alright, yeah, i can see private PVP being a problem for any math-related testing; math and i aren’t on speaking terms, so i’d be lying if i said knew how you guys test your stuff.

HOWEVER… Such a project would require Gearbox to make everything perfect, for the sake of perfect testing. We both know thier track record with such things…

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How about an empty room with

  1. an enemy dummy (lots of HP, respawn in 10 second after death),

  2. a pack of enemy dummies,

  3. an immobile enemy that attacks you at close distance;

  4. a friendly dummy with half health, but lots of HP (millions maybe),

  5. a pack of friendly dummies;

  6. easy-to-kill respawnable dummies which give you many XP (to level you up easily),

  7. a bunch of fast respawnable shards,

  8. checkered floor to measure a distance.

I think it will already be very useful and it’s not hard to make.

P. S. Lore-wise it’s already explainable, we have holo-sim room in DLC1. Nova may even warn you: “It’s just a simple simulation and something might not work as intended, but hey, it’s better than nothing”))


That would probably be the simplest way to achieve a shooting range. Not ideal perhaps but much less work.

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I have that on a tip of my tongue…a Boot camp, yes, that would be great!

I don’t know if Gearbox is familiar with this Half-Life add-on called Opposing Force :wink: that have a revamped Black Mesa personel training from the vanilla, called just Boot camp. It was basically a US Army training camp (as depicted in the movies) containing various tasks for rookies, including shooting range and obstacle course.
If they aren’t familiar with it I’d advise them to get it, play it and maybe that way they’d become familiar with a way to make a fun and foolproof introduction to game’s mechanics and basics.

Well, I think a boot camp would be more akin to a tutorial mode than what I’m going for here.

But that’s basically what OP says, it’s all there. Sure, it’d need to be adapted to on-line evironment, be nonlinear aso, but that’s generally all that you need. And it’d serve both noobs and vets. Anything above that is basically a sligtly ravamped PvE map on Normal.

  • Changing characters in-game
  • Managing gear in-game (Well, at least enabling and disabling it)
  • Managing helix levels (Enabling and disabling helix picks, changing helix level)

These were the main points I was going for. Emphasis on switching up characters and helices.

That’s this “aso” I mentioned :wink:
I don’t know if you played Opposing Force, but Boot camp is the basic infrastructure, your playgroung: there’s a shooting range, there are basic environments to test exploration, there is AI training and many more, all fully manged by scripts like disarming your character.
All you need more is to be able to test with friends (because: why not?), change loadouts mid session (like you change weapons in Boot camp), reset Helices and freely move around to test things (Boot Camp is linear).