Has anybody encountered Lana Sh’ani (the t-posed hologram) from the mission transaction packed repeating the same 3 voice lines literally every 5 seconds? Even with no enemies present she won’t shut up. Is this intentional and a play on the game being early access? Either way I don’t believe I’ll be playing it with voice audio turned on again

That was part of the whole mission joke, yes. It’s the sort of thing I’ll do once.


Ok I had a feeling, that shrill cry for help brought flashbacks of “THE LAVAS RISING!”

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That’s intentional.

I suspect I’m the only player who actually likes this quest, lol. (Well, “like” might be a little strong, but I definitely I find it amusing)

I’m just not sure who they’re making fun of - the people that actually buy p2w items in games, or the game makers themselves. (I’m gonna go with “p2w whales”)