Transfer cash from alts on PC? Is there any tricksy way to do it?

I know you can’t just xfer cash directly to alts (for some reason). I’m also aware of the trick to use the LLM to xfer guns to sell. However, I have several alts with cash that I don’t play with and their cash is just sitting there. Is there any tricksy way to xfer that cash to an alt?

Dang, on console (PS4) you can just trade cash (split screen to load the alt up). Can’t on PC? I thought things were basically the same? Perhaps it’s because on console you can have accounts in addition to your main one whereas on PC you can’t log in more than one account? Well, perhaps a trusted friend then – trade all to them & then trade back to your main.

You can’t transfer the full cash value, but you can buy guns at a vendor machine and put the guns in the bank. The other alt can then sell those guns.