Transfering from PS4 to PS3 (my PS4 is broken)

Hello guys. So my question is really simple: how can I move my character from The handsome collection to The PS3 version? Considering my PS4 is broken, what are my possibilities? I conserve my PSN account…

So it didn’t transfer the cloud save as suggested by @Giuvito in response to your other post?

Hey! I havent checked yet because The game is downloading at this moment. But I would say my Krieg wasnt uploaded to The cloud as I never tried to do so… I will check in a couple hours when it finishes installing and I will tell you.

Couple of hours to install a PS3 game? You using dial up? :wink:

Might want to check the date on posts before responding. Hopefully the download didn’t take a whole 10 months!

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