Transfering saves from xbox 360 version to xbox one with disk version?

Hello, I recently got Borderlands GOTY, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands Pre Sequel on xbox one as digital copies, I want to transfer my saves from my 360 versions of said games, but I have the 360 versions all as disks, am I able to still transfer the saves? And if so, please tell me how.

Yes you can. When you’re at the character select screen there should be an option that says “save to cloud” at the bottom of your list of options. Click this to save your currently loaded character to the cloud, and then go onto your xbone and click download from cloud on that end to finish transferring your character. Unfortunately you have to do it one by one, so it will take a little while, but that’s still better than having to start from scratch.

So where is it in the menu? I dont see anything that says export character or mentions the cloud, i HAVE like, copied my save file too the cloud using the system settings, but i dont know if thats the same thing?

EDIT: ok so, im able to upload my bl2 and PS saves to xbone, its just the BL1 saves im having a hard time with

For some reason, the “Upload Character” menu doesn’t seem to have been added to the 360 version of BL1, only the XB1 backwards compatible version. (Why that should be so I have no idea.)

Here’s the work-around:

  • On the 360, make sure the BL1 saves you want to use are in the Cloud Sync folder
  • On the XB1, insert your 360 BL1 game disk to trigger a download of the original backwards compatible version of the game
  • Launch that version (won’t have “Remastered” plastered across the game icon in your Games list); you should now be able to access your BL1 cloud sync saves and “Export” them so you can “Import” them to the Remastered version. You can only do one at a time, so you’ll have a lot of launch/export/quit/launch/import/quit cycles.
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That did it!!! Thanks a lot for the help you two!