Transferring a BL2 Game Save File - HD to Disc Version -PS3

Been up and down the forums and can’t see anyone else with this issue. It’s fairly simple; I had BL2 (along with a handful of DLC) on the hard drive of my PS3; now I don’t. I’m thinking of buying the disc, and picking up where I left off (mid-way through my second run of the game). Question is; will I have a hard time retrieving my save game files? And will it pick up on DLC?

If it makes a difference, I also play the game on the VITA using the cross-save.

The saves are stored on the ps3 hhd. So they should still be there unless the drive is kaput. Failing that, cross save should work I think; but I have only tried ps3/ps4 so I’m not 100% sure.

  1. Always backup your saves. Get a thumb drive and just copy them over every now and then.

Now, you said you had it on your hard drive and now you don’t. Explain? Did you delete it? Because that’s where your game saves are, unless you cloud-saved it.

If you cloud-saved it; yes, you can retrieve. If you only saved it to your HDD, and it’s not there or your HDD is gone; you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Thanks to both of you. A couple of things maybe I maybe should have mentioned. – My hard drive is in fine working order, the saves seem to be in there. I got Borderlands 2 back when it was a freebie on PS Plus. It no longer is, and so no longer works. I don’t want to renew the license right now, and even if I renew my PS Plus I don’t know if it would ‘renew’ the game, but either way: I don’t want to do that right now. Would like to just buy a new physical disc, and be able to pull in my save game(s) and the DLC (purchased separately).


But to double-check, back up your saves on a thumb drive. They should be fine.

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I’ll do the backup. – I’ve had this issue with games in the past, which is my reason for asking.

You think the DLC will be recognized without issue?

The only problem you could have is if you buy a disc version that is from another region. My brother got the goty edition from overseas and his old saves were incompatible. So dont buy the disc cheap on the internet :wink:

Thanks, I don’t buy from overseas as a general rule. (anymore). I’ll take your advice and hopefully no issues. Thanks for your input and not making a mid-level gamer such as myself feel like a complete dummy.

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I have the same situation except that we still have the digital download of the game since we renew our psn + every year. The dlcs however did not come w/ it so we purchased them separately and are always tied into the psn account.

I recently bought the game of the year (goty as it is often referred to) edition disc since it was on sale with amazon that included the mechromancer and psycho character which the free digital game did not. In short, I was able to use all my previous character saves whether I play the digital game or via disc. The console just did its thing and didn’t have to do anything. Needless to say, I didn’t need to download the dlcs that came disc 2 since I previously bought the digital versions and only had to use it to download the two extra characters mentioned earlier. You also get additional heads and skins for all 6 characters with the goty edition. You should be fine after that.

Since I assume you do not subscribe to psn+ any longer, you do not have the benefit of the autosave to cloud feature thus I concur with the earlier responses and recommend that you periodically backup your game saves on a usb dongle just as a precaution. If you haven’t done so previously, you can read the directions on the psn network under ps3 tech support if I remember correctly. Hope this helps.

This was my previous post when I was asking for the same advice.

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