Transferring BL2 character without Xbox live gold

I have recently downloaded the commander Lilith dlc on my Xbox one and want to play it with my level 33 siren.
However, my siren is on my Xbox 360 and I have 0 hours of BL2 on the Xbox one so I have no other character I could play the dlc with.
I have read other posts about transferring characters using cloud storage but that requires Xbox live gold. Is it possible to do it another way, such as using a USB stick?
Thanks x

I do not remember if this requires gold or not, but the 360 BL2 version should have an “Upload” option in the main game menu: select your character and upload. In the XB1 just chose “Download” and (if you’re given the option) “Save as new”. Repeat etc.

Note that you should also have the option to start a new “Boosted” character at level 30 - just hit “Select Character” and scroll down the list.

Edit to add: You can’t USB sticks because MS changed the way saves work on the XB1 compared to the 360. This means that the save transfer is one-way-only through the in-game menus.


What do I do if I do not have a 360 anymore?

I have my characters backed up on a usb drive

You would probably need to get access to a 360 - the XB1 file system is rather more opaque than the 360’s, so it’s not as easy to transfer files.

If you also had the save files in the “Cloud sync” folder on your old 360, you may still be able to access them on the XB1 through the backwards compatible version of BL2.

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Okay… maybe I’ll go to a GameStop or something and ask if I could use their 360. Thanks vaulthunter