Transferring Borderlands GOTY Edition to Steam

I own the Borderlands GOTY Edition on PC and as I heard about it getting a free update on Steam I wanted to transfer it over (didn’t do that before, just wasn’t necessary). Now, my question is: As the Borderlands granting Tool is deactivated (understandably so, as it got exploited quite a lot, I heard) how can I transfer my game over to Steam now? Is there any other option?

Thank you in advance


I would love to know the answer to this myself but seeing as this topic is 4 days old with no reply I’m guessing I won’t find out

If I had to guess, then it was a move of 2K to make more sales They don’t care about ■■■■■■■ over costumers. So I fear, we won’t get a reply. It’s not that its impossible to just release a tool that scans your game disc so that you could only transfer an original game. They just needed to make the Granting Tool able to detect iso files.

or just make our GOTY key valid on Steam. When I input the GOTY code it says I need the base game associated with it, so Steam obviously recognises what the key is for

You can’t. Maybe the support staff might be able to help you, but it’s a long stretch:

You can also just simply pick up Borderlands GOTY Steam key for $7.50 on Amazon which will also grant you the Enhanced edition:

The GOTY keys are recognized because they were used to grant the DLCs to users who used the granting tool to convert to the base game on Steam.

Retail disc + Granting Tool on Steam = Base game on Steam
GOTY DLC keys = DLCs on Steam

This was necessary as the base game didn’t come with a key for the base game itself.

The steam granting tool being removed was because too many folks were abusing it. Not to mention it was introduced when the GameSpy servers went dark and PC on-line was moved to Steam, but the SecureRom on physical disk versions required GameSpy to check in. That was in what, 2015 or 2015?