Transferring games to new psn

So ever since TPS I’ve been playing on my fiancées psn, it’s a girly name but I was so eager to play BL that I jar jumped right in. The question I’m asking is there a way to transfer the BL2 save files that I have on her name to a new psn if I make one? I don’t want to lose all my stuff and will the dlc still work on that new name without having to download it all again or will it still be there since it’s the same system?

I think dlc is avabile for all accounts on your ps3. I have downloaded a few game on my account and still have them avabile on my other accounts.
As for moving game saves couldn’t you use the cloud save. I don’t use it so I’m not sure.

Damn isn’t the clouds save only for plus members?

Oh it may be. I don’t have plus nore am I at home to test ATM.

It’s cool I’ll just try later if I can’t do it I’m just stuck with the girly name :stuck_out_tongue:

I added you and had no clue what the name was lol. I don’t think anyone ones cares what your psn is lol. I mean come on mines pooptang lol

Just poked the Giggle a bit, and it seems to imply that you can copy a save from one user to another user (see also here). Looks like this is actually possible on PS3 (it’s not on 360!) You should be able to do either direct system-to-system using an ethernet cable, or via a USB drive.

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Ya I know lol but lately have been wanting a name of my own like on my old ps3. I like your name it’s short and too the point, when you told me what your psn was i was like “pooptang haha that’s gold”

Yeah I’ve had some weird things said about it. But I like it lol

Thanks for poking the giggle :stuck_out_tongue: unfortunately you have to be a plus member to do it like pie man said it dint matter I’ll just deal with it.
Edit:tried it anyway it worked the plus symbol next to copy was just for the cloud save, but it didn’t work it’s telling me that I can’t use another users characters

No if you put the account to a another ps3 everything will be save but if you have dlc all you have to do is download it and everything is going to be fine

This is on the same system trying to transfer characters from one psn to another but I don’t think it’s going to work

The characters you went in a hard drive

Does ps3 even have interchangeable hard drives I’ve never checked?

Then try using the USB option: copy save to USB; copy back to PS3 on the other profile.

On PS3 / Xbox 360, your Borderlands 2 characters are bound to your PSN / Xbox Live account respectively. When someone joins you online, you see their PSN / Xbox Live account name above their character. There is no legitimate way to access the characters or make them available to a different PSN / Xbox Live account. Saving to the Cloud wouldn’t work, since the Cloud is also account specific.

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Ya it doesn’t work, worst part is I’m back to old drop rates because I don’t remember my fiancées password and she doesn’t either. Weird thing is I don’t notice any difference with knuckle dragger drops he’s dropping a Hornet almost every 5th kill

Oh wow that sucks. I don’t care about drop rates at this point but your still farming and stuff.

Btw if she still knows the e mail she used to make the psn just do a password reset

Lol ya tried that she doesn’t know her password for her email either so I’ve been trying to get the password for her email but the code has to be sent to her phone she’s at god damn work right now, tried calling psn the guy said "she has to be there to do it.“she’s at work.” “oh can we call her three way.” She’s at work guy she can’t just stop and get on the phone! Ugh worst day off ever.

Hopefully you can get it fixed. You seem like a good person to co op with.