Transferring RU's works in MP, but transferring ships does not

Havent seen this mentioned yet so just wanted to share. My buddy and I have different strategies where I rush to get BCs while he supports me with frigates and destroyers, then I transfer my second built BC to him as thanks. But alas, transfering ships doesnt work. This forces both of us to spend the RUs developing the tech. Id love to see this fixed.

BCs are purposely flagged as non-transferable.

I assume you mean in the remastered edition? We’ve been playing homeworld 2 multiplayer for years and always transferred BCs without problem. Where did you see them flagged as non-transferable?

Straight from the stock hgn_battlecruiser.ship, NewShipType.isTransferable=0. Whether this is an oversight or something done on purpose for [the current state of] balancing is another question.

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Well that’s good to know. I haven’t actually tried transferring other types of ships so it might function afterall, leaving my thread title misleading.

I hope it’s just an oversight because it’s a great strategy when you’re trying to max research as efficiently as possible. My friend is able to avoid sinking resources into developing BC tech and instead upgrades other units and builds up a massive fleet. Then once I’m up and running I transfer over fully upgraded BCs already outfitted with hyperspace modules and fire control.

I also vaguely remember transferring a shipyard capable of building BCs. I can’t honestly remember if BC research was required by my buddy to actually produce more BCs or if the tech transferred with the ship. I’ll be testing this soon, assuming shipyards are transferable… If I understand your post orthsaka, are you saying the setting is in filehgn_battlecruiser.ship? I’m on mobile so can’t check right now

Yea, whether or not a ship is transferable is set by one of the variables in its individual ship file. As of now, all production units (Motherships, Shipyards, and Carriers) are disabled as well as Super Caps (BCs/HCs). The core of this reasoning is due to how ship production is parsed. You might notice this when you say, capture a carrier and can’t build anything from it unless you are the same race. Considering that BCs have production in the form of modules (which, like ships, are handled per-race) this blocks part of their functionality as you cannot construct new modules. Once again, you will notice this if you capture a BC, but aren’t playing the respective race. I assume then that the restriction of trading HCs is just a result of this mess to keep the super capital playing field even-ish.

I can’t remember how much this issue affected classic HW2 (if at all really), but given the addition of two more races it becomes a lot more complicated.

There was a bug in HW2 that allowed research to be received from transferred upgraded ships so yeah this is a good thing it isn’t allowed. HW1 races have it hard enough as it is, no free research for hw2 races please.