Transformer addict! Help!

As title suggests. I found a purple with double resistance for damage (33%) anointed with 5% health regen a.s.e. I mean its OK but just not a transformer! Lol. Haven’t tried old gods yet but I’m not a fan of switching gear, I’m more of an all rounder gear-wise. I have 1700 hours in game and I need a new spark of excitement! Thanks to any responses. :slight_smile:

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What VH do you play? How do you play them?

I am guilty of this as well though, Transformer just seems to perform in any build though.

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Facepalm. Lol! Zane and amara. But this is about Zane mainly.

I main FL4K with some Moze mixed in lol

I wish I was a bit more knowledgeable of quirky interactions with other shields and those VH’s.

All of the Zane mains I play with run Transformer’s.

I remember Moxsy(?) maybe made a build with the Front Loader and URad for Zane. But this could be performed just as well with a Transformer/Deathless


Most Zane’s run with Transfomer for the Clone and OPQ. Without it, the clone kills himself quick when using OPQ.

Other Shields to try - Old God, most are really good, just want to get it in an element appropriate to you VH.
Stop Gap with the Action Skill Start anoint. My Fadeaway FL4K really likes this one. Your Amara may like this.

If you want to mess around with the 50/150 anoint on your weapons, a Front Loader is the way to go.

Those are the shields I use besides the Transformer, though at times I still stick with the Transformer.


See? Lol! Transformer is an addiction! I never used clone. And let’s be honest, amara can run without a shield!

I’ve never cared much about transformer.
Frozen heart and snow shoe ASS , now this is an addiction :cold_face:


Band of Sitorak is still good for Zane I think I was mainly using a stop gap tho. Since I’ve switched back to Moze I have been addicted to my double downer.

I hope, they add transformer-like shields for other elements as well. Would be neat.
Or maybe in the next game “transforming” is an affix, that can roll on every shield with an open part.
Wouldn’t help your addiction but would give variety to the drugs you take.


As another Zane main, my main shield is the Resonate Back Ham with 10% movement speed when SNTNL is active. This shield has multiple benefits and mixes well with a Crader’s EMP-5 when you need to get somewhere fast.

Another shield I keep on hand is the Revengenader. It drops a free grenade on shield break with a very fast recharge rate. Using an It’s Piss grenade with 25% damage boost for 6 seconds on every grenade dropped should be a top choice for players that run SNTNL and can’t throw grenades.

The Transformer just may be the best overall shield for obvious reasons, I only find myself using it when farming Killavolt and running the Maliwan Takedown.


Does the free grenade from the Revengenader proc the OGT annoint??





The grenades dropped from the Revengenader shield do get the bonuses from the anointment the grenade is infused with.


It’s been a while since I played Zane regularly, but I always liked the Transformer because it works well with any of his action skills. The Big Boom Blaster and Back Ham are great choices as well. A One-Shotter Shield is pretty dope with a barrier-centric build too.

My transformer has the 75% HP and Shields after exiting iron bear annointment.
So not only is it good - by using my skill in quick succession, i can keep iron bear’s health in a ridiculous 75% extra, around 250.000 HP.

Even without that i would still use it.
Its. So. Good.

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Shock barrels and shock generators are now a health boost you can pop in one melee hit.
And turns shock-weilding badasses into your allies.
And turns killavolt into a skag pup.

Its filthy good

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I too am a Transformer addict on Zane.
Just a good shield. And just plain fun some places.

Slaughter Star, for example. Since so many of the Maliwannies are using shock, your shield just stays uppitiest all the time.
The other thing that’s fun is when an enemy leaves a shock pool on the ground (Shock pool? A pool of electricity? How does that exactly work lore masters?) you just stand in it and again, shields UP!

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Im trying to break the habit but you guys are pointing out all of its awesomeness! F*** it, I might just stick to my beloved trannie! (The shield!). :wink:


The purple shield I mentioned in the opening post has so far proven its worth! Just can’t get used to worrying about getting hit with shock!!

Right now the Transformer is one of the shields that finds itself in an incredibly powerful spot similar to Life steal. Grenade damage was increased with M+ so you can use what would relatively be considered medium to low amounts of shock damage to fill your shields. Maya had a similar principle when using Blight Phoenix and Life Tap to make her almost invincible after getting a kill.

The Transformer in BL2 was not meta because of how Shock damage that did more then your shields capacity did health damage and refilled your shields. Seeing as anything hitting you that hard was deadly it made the shield far less powerful in OP levels. That and The Bee was just so much damage making it really difficult to pass up if you where built well enough to use it.

Since they fixed the issue with Shock applying the Damage calculation without factoring the “Immunity” it is flat out one of the best shields in the game. Honestly I don’t see that changing any time soon. This shield is probably one of the 3 best defensive shields in the game coupled with the Re Charger and Stop Gap. I honestly believe I have every M10 transformer with ASE element for when I go far bosses like Killavolt XD.

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