Transformer bug report

I cant find a bug report section so I just leave it here…

The Transformer shield isnt working properly with electric barrels. If an electric barrel is hit while using a transformer shield the transformer shield will not absorb the electric shocks before the barrel explodes. The barrel fly away and have this “beams” which should recharge the shield but instead deal so much damage that they kills you in 4/5 times.
If an electric barrel explodes it kills you too. I guess this is ok, since this is an explosion but the thing mentioned before is definetely not working correct. I would still love to see that this would count as an electric explosion so they would charge the shield too…

Wonder if it uses the same AoE as those robot dogs.

Do you have any elemental anointments active? Could be an extra element is being applied.

Hey jgar just letting you know that those “dogs” do not do electric damage they do emp damage or electro magnetic pulse damage thus the reason it drains the transformer

No just staying in front of a barrel and meele it. Have tested it where no enemies were around. Also no elemental annointments on any of my gear.

That’s a new one then. I’ve blown up shock barrels in my face to heal with the Transformer in the past and it worked just fine. Was it this latest patch that broke it, or was it happening before?

Realized it a week ago or so.

Are you perhaps playing Moze? She has skills that make splash do Incendiary.

Does that transfer to barrel damage?

Yes, I believe so as it is considered Moze doing the splash damage then. I remember only having that problem with Moze only but let me test it again this time around. Might be something new then it wouldn’t be it as the problem.

Yep I definitely play moze. But by hitting a barrel and seeing it fly away with this eclecric beams hitting and killing me I do incendiary damage?

Yes, it is considered splash damage. Barrels and Fire in the Skag Den scale through mayhem so you can kill yourself easily.

The explosion of the barrel but the beams too? I’m sorry for being stupid but they are definitely electric and I see no explosions.

I’ve tested it with my Fl4k and it healed me, not hirt me at all. Moze got me in FFYL when I did so. Incendiary hurt me.

I think the entire property of these barrels are considered Splash damage. It doesn’t neccesarily mean that Splash is Explosion. I believe Splash is a general term for AoE damage. Although many things don’t look like Splash (like the Flipper gun) it still does said damage. So because you activated the Barrel, it becomes your property. So it gets Fire in the Skag Den.

which character are you playing?

I’m sorry for the quality…
Have consecutive hits on the Kaos, CD 30% after leaving IB on shield and while IB active 20% chance to get a granade.
Cant figure out why I’m dying…

It’s like I said. This skill is what is killing you. You hitting the barrel is dealing splash damage which is getting boosted by Fire in the Skag Den.

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Oh wow seriously… Well thanks.

Still this is complete **** should not work like this… I’m not doing this damage. Also if I shoot a barrel not I make this explosion the barrel does… So the radius should never being doubled from the one skill on moze.

Here ya go. Awesome barrel damage analysis from @DocStrangelove … That damage gets exponentially crazy.

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