Transformer bugged

When I’m in Sancuary I can shoot the ground all day and not take damage, but when I leave and shoot the ground I instantly go down.

While in sanctuary mayhem modifiers are not active so it could be that.
And any extra damage compiled on also will be done to you.

I’ve been doing some quick testing and it’s mayhem mode that casuing it, not the modifers. I went up from mayhem 1 to 10 and shot myself. Mayhem 1-5 the transformer absorbed the damage, but after that I went down every single time from 6-10.

Mayhem also raises your passive abilities. So any damage you have as a passive gets stacked the higher the mayhem mode.

Turns out it was actually fire in the skag den (bonus fire on splash damage). Putting 3/5 in it on M10 makes the lob i got down me instantly. Probably means with 5/5 shock splash will always down you above M5.

EDIT: Other passives that add fire damage on Moze don’t make me down myself. It’s only when skag den is added. By itself 3/5 in skag den alone is enough to down me. Combined with the other passives that give/increase fire damage in the green tree 2/5 in skag den is enough to down me.

Yep, fire in the skag den is notorious for causing self damage with shock weapons through the Transformer. I recall the old Tediore chuck builds with shock tediores and transformer, FitSD would insta kill you if you were too close to the tediore grenades. Seems the new Mayhem scaling is having the same effect on normal shock weapons.

Silver lining is that Mayhem modifiers like high voltage and pool party are great alternatives for shield healing.

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