Transformer Crashing Xbox One X

since last patch my xbox one x was crashing very often when taking damage and hearing the ticks of damage, i noticed it was from shock damage often. i took off my transformer and since then it has not crashed once. i went from crashing 5 to 8 times a day to nothing at all anymore.

i even tested this one my older xbox one, same results.

not sure if this is known knowledge, i searched but didnt find anything.

hope this helps in any way

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I play on XB1X too, I play on performance mode and I haven’t had this issue, but good to know, I hope this problem gets fixed man. And welcome btw.

i should mention i switched both modes and was still hard crashing, for now it works great but miss my transformer lol

maybe im wrong but hasnt crashed at all since i made the change

Maybe hard reset the console, I use the transformer too and all goes fine (at least now) xD

I also use the Transformer and haven’t had any issue with it.

There’s something going on that’s being triggered by these items and causing crashes. I was crashing constantly with Amara (never with Zane). I switched my com from Phasezerker to Stone and haven’t crashed all day.

yes i did resent the console, even both my consoles. i have a xbox one x and a xbox one. happened on both so didnt seem like a console issue even though the crash happened more often on the xbox one x but thats possibly because i played there more so seemed more often on it.

interesting, i have been playing on amara since this last patch only and i do also use Phasezerker. im still using it though and no more crashes.