Transformer + Elemental Projection

A few days ago, I started running a build on Amara that combined the Transformer, an Elemental Projection artifact, and Thunderball Fists. On the first day, it worked great, I’d shoot myself, I’d get electrocuted, and my damage spiked while the Transformer protected me. Then yesterday I noticed that my electrocute damage was no longer triggering the Transformer’s recharge as it had been before. Now today, while wearing the Transformer, I can’t gain the electrocuted status effect even when standing in shocked water. Have there been patches the last few days that have been changing things?

I can’t speak on your specific situation, but i can offer a somewhat similar recurring bug on Amara i have had recently. I found a legendary class mod that gave a +2 to i think it’s called Remnant skill, sends out an elemental ball to attack a nearby enemy with over kill damage. It was pretty nice when mobbing but it would randomly stop proccing at all for no apparent reason. Sometimes removing it and reequipping it would fix it, other times i would exit the game and it would work again as it should… Then it completely vanished from my inventory (was totally not randomly sold or anything of that nature).

Try those 2 things and see if it changes, if not i would advise stashing it and vheclong on its functionality every now and then. Game’s still rafher buggy for the most part ain’t it?

My main is amara run with transformer. Have the same prob. Often my shock damage does not trigger while regen. Enemy damage seems to always work though. At this point it’s just been a shrug for me.

Haven’t tried to reequip. Thanks for the info.