Transformer nerf?

I’m playing on the latest patch (25 June). My go-to shield has always been the Transformer. One of the tactics I used in the past was to use a shock splash weapon to replenish my shields if they ever get depleted.

However, I have tried to do the same post-patch, and the splash no longer replenishes the Transformer but instead damages me as per usual splash weapons. I’ve tried it on different maps and I get the same results. The only place where this trick works is on Sanctuary.

Anyone notice problems with the Transformer shield?

Maybe it’s a Mayhem modifier or annointed on weapon? 🤷

I have the same problem. My MH10 shock LOB is much higher damage (29K vs 18K) at level 58. Even with 79K shields one shot to the ground kills me. Something is broken.

Might be a side effect of the boosts/changes in the latest update? More splash damage without the shield capacity also scaling could be a problem.

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Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why it works on Sanctuary and nowhere else. If the Transformer has its old weakness as in BL2, then I would be fine with that, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve tested this with a Westergun and a Thunderball Fist.

Might be a stupid question, but you haven’t used the new skill points on some skill that adds bonus elements to your gun? I haven’t had that issue at all.

This is definitely an issue/bug. There are no issues when I use the Lob on sanctuary. As soon as I try charging the transformer with any shock splash damage I’m down. Smh.
Once again Gearbox screws something else up. Getting tired of having to do their QAing for their devs.


Same here, works perfect on sanctuary but any where else one shot kills me! This sucks!

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Electric Lob does refill Transformer (on Xbox). I use pre-patch L57 Lob and Transformer(haven’t found better yet).

Make sure to avoid side effects:
Extra element annointment on weapon, shield or grenade, or extra element from skills,
would damage and apply DoT, possibly killing yourself.
You may not notice annointment trigger out of combat if conditional type, like elemental novas.
Extra element would also apply to Thunderball pistol ground effect - I happenned to kill myself with +150% rad.


If there is a bug, might come from shield vs weapon scaling.

  • Try using a pre-patch Lob ? Pre-patch shield ?

This is why I stopped using transformers on my multi-element Amara. Example of bad game design IMO.

I’ve triple checked my weapons and anointments and confirmed this is not the case. Again, it doesn’t happen while in sanctuary. If was an anointment doing it, I’d get the same result regardless of where I am. Also, this is the same equipment and weapons I had before the update. Pre update - works fine. Post update - it’s broken. It’s pretty obvious they broke something with the last update. Just a matter of waiting Gearbox to pull their heads from the asses and fix it.
Boardland 3: wait and see edition.

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If that can somehow help…

On xbox, bug does not appear, pre or post-patch. Updating my Transformer and Lob did not change anything, I can heal myself in and out of Sanctuary.

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I’m on Xbox as well and it’s happening. The bug appears every time I’m off sanctuary. It’s obviously happening to others as well. It’s cool it’s not happening to you I guess but it’s still something that Gearbox needs to address.

Just to make sure, are you using a 50% shock after action skill end anointment on any of your gear? It will not work with the transformer and it kills you even if you use a shock weapon.

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So I actually opened a ticket and reported this bug. Today they replied and acknowledged it was a bug and that it was sent to the development team to work on. But they didn’t give me an eta and said to watch the official social media channels for an update and fix.

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