Transformer shield bugged or just unlucky?

So i’ve been farming a transformer for a while. An annointed one with the 50% bonus damage on ASE, since thats the meta now. Promblem is it wont drop! I’ve killed killavolt well over 100 times now. Spent about 6 hours farming him over 2 days and i’ve only seen it drop once, making it feel more like a world drop instead of an actual drop location. If anyone else is having the same problem, let me know. Or if you think im just unlucky, also let me know. And if you could just give me one to spare me some trouble, also let me know. Thank you for your time :).

He’s definitely the one to farm for it, but getting the specific annoint on it takes time. M4 will help a little, as will loaded dice, and if you already have a non annointed transformer you’re basically invincible as long as you don’t let him punch you so upping to M4 shouldn’t be an issue.

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