Transformer Shield not working?

Not sure if this is the right sub for the question, so if it isnt could a Mod be so kind and swap it.

anyways, my question is, if the transformer shield is working properly. i play amara with transformer and electro cutsman, i heal (skill) but my Shield is not recharging while i do damage. is this a bug or do i miss something?

It recharges if you TAKE damage.

Edit: electrical damage :slight_smile:

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Stand in/be hit by something electrical for re-charge

Exactly, it’s great for farming killavolt, the whole arena recharges your schieds and you are basicaly unkillable…

aaaaah, thanks guys facepalm

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no worries, man. you’re not the first one to misread this one and you wont be the last. :slight_smile:

GL Hunting :stuck_out_tongue: