Transformer shield question

So I finally got a transformer shield last night. I’m using it on Moze with a lot of shield skills to boost up my shield. One thing I was playing with last night was damaging myself with a shock damage weapon to boost my shield back up. I was doing some trials and it seemed to work. It wasn’t super efficient but it did get my shields back up.

I tried doing the same thing tonight and it’s not working. I just damage myself with what appears to be incendiary damage so either the incendiary damage is overtaking the shock healing or I’m not getting the same effect from my gun.

I do have stoke the embers maxed which gives my attacks incendiary dmg but I had that last night so I can’t figure out why it seemed to work last night and doesn’t work tonight? Anyone have any ideas on why that might be and/or any tricks to use shock on yourself to refill your shields (without killing yourself in the process)?

Probably map modifiers making your incin hit you harder, or last night modifiers were making it less maybe. A lot of people use Shock nades rather then guns to abuse the Transformer. A gun option is the Alchemist, it will just naturally cause shock self-damage as you shoot it .

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Good call. I forgot about those. I do have -30% elemental resist modifier atm so maybe that’s it.

Yea, Mayhem modifiers will screw with that, but generally any splash shock weapon will heal you back up. Also I’ve learned to leave the shock launcher / shock trooper badasses alive in the Circles of Slaughter because they will keep you healed when they shoot you.

Moze has a skill that some shots will be fire dmg. Are you specced into that skill? Also kill o wisp with 10k dot will deal you pretty good. I have an amara build I use that combo for.