Transformer with +160 Splash Anoint? Legit?

Was in a group of very good Zane players and after the Raid…Everybody was throwing stuff they were going to probably get rid of on the ground in case it was of interest to someone else.

Actually…kind of sociable and nice…

but one piece I picked up was a level 53 Transformer with an anoint of +160 Splash for 18 seconds…

NEVER seen that anoint on a transformer before.

Possible?? Legit? or modded…??


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Thanks…never saw that anoint on a transformer…

come to think of it…Can it even be on ANY shield?

More like a Weapon anoint

To my knowledge it can only spawn on specific splash damage weapons

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Makes sense because how would TWO of those even work?

One Weapon and One shield…

320% bonus splash for 18 seconds…is a LOT :grinning:

Even if it would be possible to have this bonus on shield, the same bonuses don’t stack.


Good to know…Thanks!

Is this legit?

Idk even know what an anointed transformer looks like. Last 50 I’ve seen had no anointments.

yes that is legit, the secondary effect of the kaos causes enemies to explode on kill.