COME ON GUYS WTF lol!! I noticed there was a post from Sept, but wanted to make a new one because no one has bothered to fix this yet. I have tried multiple transfusion grenades, and NONE of them seem to work. I’ve got a great mod, and really need it to function as intended. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

It wont work with any shielded or armored targets, really the only 1 that works with some consistency is chupas organ

Thanks for that info. Still broken AF though. Appreciate the response. Says nothing about that in it’s description. My mod is 120% health and 60% shield. Could REALLY use this.

Ok…well thats still only to heal for the damages dealt - to health or shield, wont do both unless theres a really small amount of shield, i would still reccomend chupas as that skips the shield and armor, so will always heal when healthbars are available

Been trying to farm that in Athenas for a few days off and on now. The beastie that every board says it drops from regularly. Doing it on M2 with a 12.67 luck mod and the only nade i’ve gotten is Nagata.