Transfusion grenades and element matching?

I love it that I have 3000+h in the game and there are still questions that haven’t really occurred to me to check. Hence I put it to the forum:

As the title hints, will the ‘strength’ of transfusion trails be affected by element matching? If that were the case, carrying several types of transfusion grenades might be beneficial, although backpack space restrictions would argue in favor of carrying shock (base 1 and against some enemies a positive modifier) or slag (1 across the board, plus the obvious benefit of slagging your enemies). If memory serves, regular transfusions count as explosive?

Further, would elemental skills affect the healing strength? If Krieg were the sort of character to actually use transfusions, fire or explosive would seem obvious depending on the build. I rarely use transfusions with my various Gaiges, but again elemental skills might have a large effect on healing strength - if they actually apply (?).

I ask mainly for the benefit of Deathtrap and the turret, since a good slag transfusion will certainly heal a Vault Hunter to full if the trails reach them.

The question arose in a Youtube comments field, where a friend reported having seen a single trail from a slag O-Negative healing his Axton’s turret by as much as 5% at OP8. (There were caveats and uncertainties.)
In theory, that could amount to 35% from a single O-Neg, in the highly unlikely event that all trails found their way to the turret without getting stuck on environment, heading for a Vault Hunter who doesn’t need them etc. etc.

For myself, I’ve never had much luck healing Deathtrap at OP8 even when expending half of my grenades, presumably because he’s simply been given too much health in order to remain viable at OP levels.
By way of comparison, when playing Maya I have only needed one point in Restoration to heal a friend’s Deathtrap to full with a single pull of the trigger, albeit with the insanely powerful Twister.

Do we know the health values for DT and the turret(s)?

I’m sorry my original question turned into several, but it’s only lately that I had reason to think about it given that my style has always been to play slag and general support to my DT or turret when I have a moment to spare.

Any help and insight would be appreciated!

I don’t know how much health DT or turrets have. I guess best way to know it its make a duel with Axton for example and throw Fastballs on turret :smiley: and see how much of them turret can handle. With this You’ll have some ~health value. But I’m not sure if health works same as damage for turret(s). Because if you use Gemini skill then turrets damage is divided by 2.

Fastballs, fastballs…they’re your solution to everything (→_→)

Do we know the relative health value of a turret if Axton with Gemini pulls one to get his kill skills? Is that a constant?