Transfusion Maddening Tracker lvl 53

Here’s a loot I got from Graveward and comparing it with my Cloning Maddening Tracker

Just so you know the damage is much higher because it’s not Cloning.


I wasn’t really showcasing the damage. I just wanna show the difference.

Difference in what? Right now this topic seems pointless.

Feel free to delete if you want to

Transfusion Maddening Tracker is a decent toy.

From my little bit of anecdotal evidence though, I was able to heal more off the Cloning because of more impacts.

I thought it would work better for healing but the smaller number of impacts made it seem less effective. Just for me at least.

Please report back how you like it or if it’s breakable somehow.

Thanks for sharing!

there’s several reasons for this. vamp heals on percent of missing health on nade impact. the transfusion effect, however, must damage flesh in order to send out a healing orb, and then the healing is limited by how much damage the grenade dealt on each impact. the other big one, is that transfusion effects seem to have an effective range in bl3, both in their ability to track the player, and in the distance they can travel. as opposed to bl2, where transfusion effects would seeming seek you out from the ends of pandora, in bl3 they have a very weak range. i’ve watch those orbs fly off into the aether because i wasn’t close enough to the impact for it to track back to me. other times when it has tracked back to me, i’ve watched it vanish without ever healing me because i was backing away from enemies. in general, i’ve found them really unrealiable, particularly when attached to tracking grenades.