Transphobic Magazine?

I noticed a concerning magazine sitting in the firing range in Sanctuary. It’s called “Goons Gone Wild” and features a very buff muscled manly person with pink hair, pink armpit hair, and a pink bikini top, named “Rachel” judging by the text beside the figure. The pecs on this character are a little too round and protruding to look like pecs, they look like breasts, especially with the bikini. The character being depicted as super over-the-top manly, but wearing pink and being named “Rachel”, comes off as really transmisogynistic. I’m hoping it wasn’t intended that way seeing as the series has overall been pretty LGBT friendly with multiple LGBT characters, but any time a really big manly character is put in women’s clothing and given a woman’s name it comes off really sketchy and plays into a lot of transphobic jokes. (ie: “Haha this is a man in women’s clothing”, which is what transphobic people say about trans women.) The character could, at best, be a cross-dresser or a drag queen if not a transphobic joke, but from a trans person’s perspective it does not appear that way. It’s distasteful.

are you assuming a fiction characters gender?

who are you to critique how someone choose to identify?

Seems pretty phobic to be. just let everyone identify how they choose and be happy


its a muscular woman

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searching a GAME for something to be offended by…what the heck !!!


I think the joke here is that she is a woman. A very muscular cis woman. And that not all goons are men. And that there are people out in the 6 Galaxies who are really into big goonie women.


here we go again.


Yeah, I dunno. Gearbox has gone out of their way to be super inclusive(gay Torgue, Bi Axton, Gaige, non binary Fl3k, racially diversified cast, ,tattooed characters,etc, etc). I don’t see them purposefully targeting a group to ■■■■ on now. I’d just say relax and enjoy.

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whos more transphobic? the openly transphobic person? or the person looking for transphobic people/things?

It’s something that I like to call an overwoke joke. It’s when you’re so far in you miss the implications that are possible if you don’t approach it from the same mindset.

Like. Where the OP is coming from makes sense, if you look at it from the place that “well, normally this would be this kind of joke”

Sorta like when you get the same answer in a math problem but followed completely different steps. Lol.

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