Trapped Forever In Fort Sunshine - Help!?

So, after entering the swamp zone, I thought I’d spotted a secret. I rode a bunch of logs and dropped down into an area called ‘Fort Sunshine’. It contains a big chest and some other stuff, but no NPCs. Possibly for a quest later.


Only problem is - the door to the exit is locked. There is no way out. Killing self does not work, as the respawn location is inside the fort.

Been trying for about an hour now to escape. Anyone know of any way to teleport back to the ship or something?

Open the map, click on a fast travel station and hold E (by default) and teleport to it.

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Ta! I actually went the long way around and joined someone else’s game. But I’ll try this in future.

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So I myself got on the logs, cleared the fort, and then nothing happened, there is no one left to kill and the mission circle is still surrounding the fort sunshine area… I even traveled back and redid it and nothing

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Same problem for me seems odd

How did you make it all the way to Eden-6 without realizing that you can fast travel using you menu map? That’s actually impressive…

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I noticed a red dot on top of a building and had to lob some grenades to get him to agro and was able to finish.

FYI i also got stuck here. I dashboarded and quit game then re-started. Went back in cleared the enemies again and finally the boss spawned the 2nd time.