Trapped in Mayhem 4

I was farming in mayhem 4 for awhile when I decided to reset my story progress & go through the campaign again. I didn’t know my mayhem level would carry over or I would have lowered it 1st.

Now I’m stuck in mayhem 4 without access to Sanctuary. I tried disabling mayhem in NVH but it didn’t effect TVHM.

Is there any other way to reduce or remove Mayhem without access to Sanctuary?

It’s normally not supposed to carry over. Are you 100% sure you can’t just go through the few missions on Pandora until you get to Sanctuary?

The 1000% extra HP on every enemy is making it nearly impossible to progress for me. I’m not geared up enough to handle large groups.

My fl4k is just too damn squishy…

Then how you played it in Normal? You can skip most of the fights on the way to Sanctuary.
Also try joining someones game and turn off Mayhem, maybe it will help.

Well, my suggestion would be to just go back to normal mode where you still have control and then gear up a little. In all honesty, all you need to get in order to push through M4 in those early areas are a few Lobs, they can basically one-hit most enemies on M4 and they are fairly easy to farm from Graveward.

I was farming chests on M4 in TVHM when I decided to reset the story. That’s how I ended up stuck in M4. It didn’t carry over from normal, it just stayed after resetting TVHM.

I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the tip.