Trapped in Slaughterstar 3000

Last wave of the last round isn’t spawning. Torgue screamed about a boss fight, but they just aren’t here, and the door to leave isn’t opening. There are no enemies in the arena.

This is happening on my second run through the Slaughterstar (I finished one, then spoke to the Atlas soldier to start another one). I noticed throughout the second run that new rounds and waves seemed to be announced before I had finished whatever one we were really on.

That used to happen sometimes when I would die and restart, but then the whole mission would at least still go to completion.

I just got stuck mid-mission kind of like this… found a red dot far off the minimap (with an arrow, so small I couldn’t tell if it was up or down). Had to restart.

Yeah, the Jetpack soldiers sometimes get hung up somewhere, but this part of the mission doesn’t even have any of those. I used the fast travel to get out, got lectured by Mr. Torgue, and did the last round again. This time it was even more aggressive about ‘skipping’ waves, and it declared round 5 to be over and awarded prizes before the two bosses showed up.