Trapped in the moonshot crate tvhm with willhelm

Hello, I finished normal mode with willhelm 100% including halodome and claptrap dlc. Upon selecting the serenity waste map in the crate i arrive without the video of springs saving my ass. If springs cant save me can you?

Yup having the same ■■■■■■■ problem here… Started UVHM with Jack and cutscene doesn’t play… Can’t see my chars hands but can toss grenades and activate my action skill… Need fix ASAP as it’s Friday night and my time is burning… Also loaded 2nd player and tried starting splitscreen but the 2nd player disappears and I’m stuck in a crate with no exit button or anything…

Please help! I’m dead in the water and the game is unplayable…

I can hear my character switching weapons but can see the HUD or hands or anything going to power down the X1 and try again

Shut down the X1 the hard way (holding power button on console for 4 or 5 seconds) and when I got back into the moonshot crate and used the travel point the cutscene played and I was able to get outta the crate!

Knew an A+ cert would pay off sooner or later haha

Problem just happened to me. Claptrap level 51 on uvhm. Are you sure that hard reset on Xbox one will work? I just reset my uvhm playthrough to see if the problem goes away

Sorry for the delay - Ya it worked 100% if it is still happening, maybe try turning the Xboxoff completely, and unplug it to be sure, likely hadn’t done a REAL reboot of the hardware since the last patch so it fixed it for me…But it made me want to RAGE as I couldnt do anything stuck inside that crate. Something wasnt triggering the cutscene with Miss Springs…Ya, try shutting the xbox off and unplugging then trying again…If that doesnt work try having someone else join your game or do a split screen?

Just as a heads up to everyone, simply because I’m tech-paranoid and don’t like removing power to things that are still technically on… You can do a hard reset of the Xbox One by holding the power button (if you wanna call that little touch sensitive icon a button) for approx 5-10 seconds. The system will power down completely instead of going into a kinect-enabled standby mode, and the light on the power brick will turn orange.