Trapped in the void. ;^;

My team was teleported out of the Void to finish the conservator fight, but I was left behind. ;^; It does seem to be a random occurence, and rather rare, at that. I’ve played these missions more times than I can count, but this is the first time this has happend to me. I may have been cloaked, or something, but I was still moving.

Please send help. ;^;


Yup, this does happen, especially with Deande
I also had it happen on Sabo too, left the game and came back.

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I heard this can happen if you have a Twin out with deande, sometimes it Picks the clone over a character.

Also Kleese can cheat there… if you have some Rifts around the conservator and get sent into the Void, the HP bar will steadily sink…

Don’t know why it happend, but I got out there without killing a Single enemy in the Void…

Haven’t tested if that always works but if it wasn’t a random Glitch it is pretty cheap.


It’s consistently with Deande. It takes the clone instead of you. I’ve been left behind several times.

If you see Lenore sends my regards!


This happened to me. I was Alani, and my buddy had like 4 clones walking around. And I was in the void with 3 clones. ;D Was a nice party.

@Jythri, @JoeKGBX

Paging the archons! Lost Battleborn needs your help! (Sounds like a bug the sandbox team could address.)

Sounds like clones can take the place of other Battleborn, too.