Trash talk and in-game insults. Any solutions?

The last two days, at least every third game there would be somebody on my team (solo queued random group) who would berate other players in-game and call them names. Even worse, some players were doing it even before characters were chosen! Although I try to not pay much attention to each and every disturbed individual online, this level of toxicity is becoming to make me like Battlenborn less.

I really wish that there was something we, as a community, can do other than “play with your friends.”

Mute them and hopefully eventually be able to report them/mute them in one go.

The Xbox had a system that allowed you give a negative vote to a player that only you knew you gave. It was supposed to help prevent you from being matched with them in the future. Not sure how well it worked.

There’s always muting. We can mute in game, right? I haven’t played enough random to need it yet…

Sadly, tho, there’s not much to be done. So long as ■■■■■■■■ keep finding microphones, the world will be full of fart noises.

Sometimes they can be funny. Such as the “omg you guys are terrible”…even though they are one of the least performing players.

There’s nothing really you can do is mute them. Moba like games attract toxic players. Don’t even know why because other team focus games don’t get as toxic as moba games.

Another thing you can do is just make fun of the toxic player. I did that a lot back when I played LoL, good times.

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It’s been so bad, Steam, lately I Mute All while we are still in the Select menu.

Seriously?! Hit mute and move on. I constantly leave people talking to themselves in parties lol.

I like when they are using one of the easiest characters (like Galilea or Rath) and then blaming the team because we can’t get kills as easily.

If someone’s being a douchenozzle, the best way to handle it is and will always be, mute and forget. These people aren’t worth getting worked up over nor should you let them ruin your enjoyment of the game.

However I must say, so far my experience with the community has been nothing short of awesome. In 150+ matches, I’ve had a grand total of 2 “you guys suck” instances and that was it. On the other hand, I met quite a few teammates that were just awesome, complimenting one another on good plays and just generally being… great fun to play with!

So yeah, focus on the positive, forget the angry lil’ trolls.


Indeed. It is usually the bad to average players who engage in this.

get gud

J/K lolololololol

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If only I had more time to write in the chat during matches, I’ve seen such great plays from teammates! And enemies too, though I fully understand why there’s only a team chat :slight_smile:

I had someone do this last night. The sadder thing is he was in my party. He blamed me and the other support for not doing enough DPS to push the lane but real reason why that was happening is because we didn’t have a tank. ■■■■■■■. /vent

I mute them. One satisfying game of capture however, two teammates were insulting the fact that I was rank 62 or something and they were only in the teens. I played Kleese and had a great moment where I blocked their only path to an objective. Their muted frustrated yells fueled my hate furnace.

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Sadly, any game that’s described as being even remotely competitive seems to bring in the worst acting people. The word “meta” seems to do that, too. XP

Best thing you can do is mute them, leave, and/or report them, if possible.

Funny thing. Last night, I witnessed my entire team quit before an Incursion match started because the one guy with a mic was hurling some not-so- passive aggressive shots at everyone on the team, even before we reached the character selection screen. Reasons being that no one had a Master title equipped, no one else had a mic, and that the lowest level player (me, at 6) choose Reyna. It was a glorious moment. X3

Mute is the best solution. But I think I understand what you’re really getting at, which is the underlying toxicity that causes these behaviors in the first place. I’ve been having the same problem in GTA Online a lot. It really bothers me too, and I wish more people really saw it as a problem and did something about it, instead of, “Mute and Ignore”. I realize trying to change someone’s negative behavior is not our responsibility, in and of itself, but we can’t ignore the overall effect it has on our gaming community.

One person on Reddit told me this: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you have a mic, or you’re on PC and have the chat, do your best to treat everyone as equals and lift them up as much as possible. Try to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie. Its possible that that person might have just had a string of really bad matches, and is already frustrated. The most important thing is to not get frustrated, or respond to their hostility with mutual hostility. This includes sarcasm as well. Ask them if they have any ideas or suggestions, or any strategies they want to try. Try to help them feel included, and like they contributed. Treat them like a mature human being. And if they have ideas and strats, try them. Annnnd, if it drags the team down and you guys lose, remember that its just a game, and there’s always next time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Depending on timezone and my availability you shoulda called me. I tank like a god among Tanks, My Boulder rick rolled a 3v5 to victory - we were the three- Seriously, I built you that dang huge flashlight with my icon etched into it for a Reason. :acmlol:

On topic. Mute em. I do. Hell most day I’m rolling with a Clan party already engaged and talking to 12 guys in various games because thats generally more interesting then listening to the garbage the 360 pros spew at the teams.

Yes berate the Rath that just saved your miserable life Miko. See if I rush in to save you next time. Seriously is it so hard to thank a teammate for bailing you out of hot water?

It’s hard to mute someone you’re supposed to be coordinating with though. I’m just going to avoid playing with him in future, which is a pity because he’s a very good player. Just not a good ‘team player’ it seems.