Trashlantis Red Chest Access?

I am trying to find anyone who knows how to get the red chest under moxies trashlantis area called the beam. Where the claptrap is stuck.
No one seems to even know it’s there.

Have you asked the clap trap?

If you stand facing the stuck claptrap, then off to the left around a corner there’s a hole in the floor leading down to a platforming area. You have to do a fair amount of precision jumping

there’s a decently intricate platforming puzzle under The Beam. you can find it on the left hand side of the Clapstructor, there’s a lower section, in a bluish lighted area there will be a place you can drop down to that has a New-U station, from the New-U station you’ll be able to see places to jump to. I believe there are 2 yellow chests some eridium chests random spawns, and there’s an echo log in addition to the red chest.

also red chests don’t seem to count toward stage completion percentage in Moxxi’s Heist, so if you want to save yourself the trouble there are plenty of easier chests to get to.