‘Travel Unavailable’ on drop pod for Hostile Takeover

I’m stuck in Sanctuary (though I can go back to Pandora) because a ‘Travel Unavailable’ notification is blocking me from using the drop pod to the Meridian Outskirts. I haven’t been to the planet yet so I can’t fast travel there. I’ve tried every combination of fast traveling back to Pandora and Sanctuary, and changing the planet we are orbiting in the ship. Talking to Ellie or anyone else just cues normal dialogue. My mission next step is to “use drop pod” but I’m literally unable to do so.

This is an extremely frustrating bug because I can’t do… anything. How do I make travel available for the drop pod?

I have the same problem. I am going to try and have a friend go to the planet and I will join them. I will let you know if this fixes the problem. Very frustrating though

I got it to work after two hours playing around. Ultimately you have to hard quit the software a couple of times and if you’re already in Prometheus orbit the drop pod will regenerate when you approach it and allow you to enter. I think I force quit the software itself 2-3 times. Just quitting the game and going back in doesn’t do it, so make sure you’re doing a full reload.

I am still experiencing this issue on ps4. Drop pod isnt working. Beat the main game. Was this a timed event??