Treasure Of the Sands glitched

So I’m doing an OP8 run and got up to doing “The Treasure of The Sands…again”. Went through everything, killed the leviathan and then when I was jumping across I fell…derp. So instead of wanting to lose money I saved and quit and restarted. When I loaded in again I had to run through the leviathan and kill Rosco again and then when I jumped down I had to kill the Leviathan all over again which I was pissed off about but I realised then that the entire quest was missing from my journal so I couldn’t loot the treasure room.

Made my way back to Oasis using another playthrough and the quest is back at the bounty board wanting me to do the whole thing again. No thanks.

This is a PS3 import save btw. Known issue?

Yep does the same for me. Also transferred my saves from ps3; I had the quest completed but not turned in when I first transferred, still doesn’t save it. I even turned it in with my Gaige since that and Master Gee are the last two quests I need to beat for that DLC and it’s still undiscovered in Oasis.

Same here.

Happend to me on the PS3 version of the game. Now on the PS4 it hasn’t changed. It is a annoyance at best; the rest of the game is not affected. Though I am not sure if it impacts the trophy.

I’m going to test it on another OP8 character that hasn’t started Pirate’s Booty at all. Trying to kill the leviathan now so when/if I actually can manage it again I’ll just kill myself and see what happens.

…OP8 Leviathan is hard btw…

Hang on what? So even after you turn it in it comes back to the bounty board? Infinite looting of the treasure room?


Yeah I dunno what’s up with it. Luckily I’m not a trophy guy but it’s still there.

That’s not how it works for me, I’m pretty sure. After the second time it dissappears from the bounty board altogether.

My saves are all from PS3 and I’ve never encountered this bug. All normal.

Hi guys,

Long time lurker but my first post.

This issue still exist and yes it does effect trophies.
Can’t 100% the DLC 'cos of this.

Is there any fix for this?